Thursday, November 1, 2007


Paige was the cutest little Big Bird for Hallowen this year! Here are the official pictures I took of her at our local zoo. It was a lot of chasing her around and trying to get the Big Bird head to stay on, but we did end up with these cute ones.

Trick or Treat

In Wisconsin, you get your pick of days to celebrate Halloween. Since Ryan's mom was in town, we decided to take Paige to Sussex (10 miles west of us) on Saturday night. They were scheduled for trick-or-treating from 6-8pm. Paige LOVED her Big Bird costume, though it was hard to get her to keep the head on. She was so excited about getting candy, she RAN from house to house as if it were a race! We would get up to the door, Mommy would hold the Big Bird head up so the people could tell who she was, we'd ring the doorbell, Paige would say "Trick or treat," as clear as day, and she would hold out her basket for the candy. She'd say "Thank you," and then we would tell her to say, "Happy Halloween," only she would just say, "Halloween!" It was so cute to see how into it she was. I guess there isn't much to it in a two year-old mind--you dress up, say "trick or treat," and strangers give you candy! What more is there to get!