Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

The girls in their Easter dresses--the first Milwaukee Easter that we have been able to take pictures outside! It's been summer-like weather here for a week and no snow on the ground. Peyton really doesn't sit for pictures these days, so I was lucky to get the one of her and Paige sitting and both smiling. Even with the elbow to Paige's neck!

Spontaneous Trip to Chicago

Ryan had a half day off of work this past Friday, so he suggested that we pack up and head to Chicago. I'm not really the spontaneous type, so this was a good exercise for me! We ended up having a great time. We went swimming in the hotel pool on Friday night and then headed to the Chicago Children's Museum on Saturday before heading home. Here are a few pictures of the girls from the pool. Check out those lips on Peyton--we saw those lips on ultrasound before she was born--even the ultrasound tech noticed them!

Once there was a snowman. . .

We built a snowman back in February. Paige was so excited!

Christmas 2009

My friend Kara took these cute pictures of the girls for Christmas!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last Halloween (October 2009)

Well, Peyton wasn't too happy when we took these pictures, so we got a lot like the one of her crying. But in the end she was happy as could be (I bribed her with my keys--works every time!). Now if I could just get a good picture of the two kids together. . . this was the best I could do.

Peyton's First Birthday (October 2009)

We took Peyton to Noodles for her first birthday dinner. We then had cupcakes at home, which she wasn't as into as I thought she would be. We're considering doing a maternity test--not likely that a child of mine doesn't have a sweet tooth!